Currently rooted the greater Seattle area, I was born and raised in Southern California. Most days, I love it up here. I love everything from the stunning views of the PNW, the unique coffee shops, and the mercurial weather that ties it all together. However, large bags of avocadoes for $5 on the side of the road, the sunsets behind the Pacific, legit Mexican food, and family/close friends being within a 45 minute drive will always make San Diego home.

I am a mental health counselor with an interest in working with youth and families, young adults, and other therapists. I am passionate about mental health. I am also incredibly passionate about writing. When I’m not doing either of these things, you can find me reading, scheming up a new travel adventure, and learning the art of being present over perfect.

I am many things it seems, and as such, this blog will be about just a few of my favorite things. Still, if you find yourself interested in adventure and failure, in midnight musings and observations, and in reading about the beauty of grace and learning and how to stay vulnerable,  then I thank you for stopping by.


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